{{qrCodedData | json}}

Select one of the current requests from dropdown above to show the details of the request.

Once a request has been selected, the report form area will show to the right. Select the report template to display the form.

You are updating a report.
The report has been successfully saved on the CanShare server. Details of the resources created are show in the details tab.
{{submissionOO | json}}
There was an error saving the report, and it has not been saved. Details of the error are available in the details tab.
{{errorOO | json}}
Final report

{{selectedRequest.sr | json}}
{{selectedRequest.qr | json}}
This resource is created by the form rendering directive as the user enters data, it is not saved on the server.
{{createdQR | json}}
The Questionnaire that defines the selected pathology template
{{selectedReportQ | json}}