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To validate a bundle, paste the Json into the textbox and click the Validate link. The bundle will be passed to the validator and the results displayed in the Issues list tab.

There are a number of different visualizations shown in the Visualization tab (once a bundle has been validated) including a list of the resources, issues for each resource and a graph showing the references between resources.

This document has some tips on using the visualizer.

Last {{}} bundles saved in Library

Click the Library button for other entries
{{entry.resource.description}} {{entry.resource.meta.versionId}}
{{[0].text}} {{}}
Validation results {{arIssues.length}}

Issues from validator

{{input.selectedIssue.entry | json}}
Full issue
{{input.selectedIssue.issue | json}}
Conditional update {{countConditionalErrors}}

Issues checking Conditional update

{{input.selectedEntryFromConditional | json}}
Visualizations {{inputtedBundle.entry.length}} FHIRPath spec FHIRPath Lab tool
{{executeFhirPathForTemplate(item.fp) | json}}
where a template is a set of fhirpath expressions that could, for example, generate a csv file or just download json functions to create template add / delete / move expressions execute template against bundle

{{inputtedBundle | json}}
{{fhirPathResult | json}}
{{oo | json}}